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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Restore for Salesforce.com

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Spanning Backup for Salesforce backs up everything – from user-generated reports, dashboards, custom views and email templates to objects, custom objects, files, attachments, and metadata. It’s always running in the background, available for on-demand, anytime backups as well as providing automated, daily backups.

Ventas Consulting is a Spanning authorized reseller and a platinum partner of the first and only “in-app” backup product, delivered directly through the Salesforce user interface. Spanning Backup makes it easy to monitor backups and recover lost data with a secure cloud-to-cloud approach to automated backup.

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Administrators and end-users can quickly compare and restore point-in-time versions of Salesforce records and attachments.
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You can use Spanning Backup right inside of Salesforce where your data lives and where you work.
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Follow backup and recovery events in your Chatter feed to stay in control in real time.
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You can always export the data you need at any time. There’s no longer a need for the headache of manual exports to back up your data.
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Rest easy knowing your data is secure in our SSAE 16 certified service. All restores are made as the end user, enforcing field-level security.
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You have complete transparency into all activity and configuration changes. And issues or partial backups are highlighted so that you can resolve issues quickly.

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Download the data sheet for Spanning Backup for Salesforce.

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About Spanning Cloud Apps, LLC

Spanning, an EMC company and a leading provider of backup and recovery for SaaS applications, helps organizations to protect and manage their information in the cloud. The company provides powerful, enterprise-class data protection for Google Apps, Salesforce, and soon Office 365. Spanning Backup is the most trusted cloud-to-cloud backup solution for thousands of companies and millions of users around the world. Learn more at www.spanning.com.